About Us

ORA is a plant based experiential brand, established in 2020 amidst the world slowing down. It is the brainchild of two sisters who wanted to give something back, create value in the simple, old, unconventional and forgotten. ORA was built on love for beauty, social justice, creativity, healing and restoration. It is an ethically conscious and socially responsible band.

At ORA, we firmly believe that handmade objects carry the very essence of our talented craftsmen our “karigars” who shape their unique stories. This brand is our heartfelt tribute to the uniqueness, the individuality and beauty found in the ordinary. Our love translates into the products we create and radiates the soulful touch of human artistry.

Each design is a delicate balance, seamlessly blending contrasting elements of structure and fluidity. Our journey gracefully intertwines plant-based fabrics and traditional handwork with contemporary aesthetics.

We envision our brand as a collective, a spirited movement, one that propels us towards a mindful and responsible future within the realm of fashion, all the while placing our artisans at the very heart of our endeavours. Together with these skilled craftsmen, we explore diverse artistic techniques and infuse them seamlessly into our garments. We believe in the enchanting narratives we bring to life and in the extraordinary pieces that bear the imprint of human hands. Our roots lie with our karigars and their craft.

We would love for you to embark on this meaningful & ethical journey with us, to honour the artisans and their exquisite craft and build a sustainable future in Fashion. Together, let us redefine the essence of true luxury and celebrate the profound narratives woven into every piece we present.