About Us

In Latin and Ancient Greek ‘Aura’ means ‘gentle breeze’. But in Tibet it’s the energy surrounding an
individual. Our label “ORA” is an embodiment of Aura and all things Organic. It represents beauty in
individuality. We are weaving a dream, thread by thread, of creating conscious fashion for our
clients. With a simple thought in mind, how to ensure minimal to no waste generation whilst
pursuing our passion and love for fashion. It was born somewhere in between wedding preparations
for our founder’s sister (and co-founder) and her quest for an ethical job.
Our bespoke designs are made with herbal and low impact azo free dyes. Our natural fibre fabrics
are hand woven by artisans and weavers across geographies. Our “karigars” dream of the designs to
materialize as much as we do. Just as we care for our environment, we care for our team of artisans
and weavers working across borders to give you the best of truly organic living!
This interstate relationship forms the base of our transparent supply chain and circular business
model. We would like to give as graciously as we receive from our exceptional team, embracing all
things unique.
Our carefully curated designs can be returned upon disuse and will be upcycled and shared with
souls who need it. Social responsibility is an important yarn in our model and occupies a large part in
our founder’s heart. Part of the proceeds will be re-invested to empower our team of weavers and
artisans. ORA aims to help causes involved with rural education and promote women entrepreneurs
along with supporting animal welfare.
Together we want to make the world a more sustainable and beautiful place to live in!

ORA aspires to bring innovation and inspiration to every individual by promoting organic and
sustainable living.

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New Alipore
Kolkata 700053
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