Sustainability and Transparency policy

ORA is an ethically conscious and slow fashion brand. 


It is crucial to us that we do not profit from the exploitation of people or our environment.


It should come as no surprise that fashion has long been implicated in debates about wasteful consumerism. Undoubtedly, the fashion industry needs to start asking itself questions about what sustainable forms of consumption are and how can consuming clothes be reconciled with preserving the environment.

To achieve our goal, we think that part of the change that needs to occur is more of a shift towards slow fashion. To understand their impact on people and our planet. To respect the makers. To keep traditional artisan culture alive. To consume less. To lighten our footprint. To waste nothing.

We, at ORA, are committed to creating change, ethical practices and reducing our environmental impact. 


We resonate strongly with the values that our Indian culture upholds. Family, community, and spirituality is prized over all things. Culture is valued over commerce. Sometimes this makes it harder for us to produce within the western constraints of deadlines and expectations. However, we try our best to make this work for us and our lovely “karigars”. They get their time off from work and it is accepted as part and parcel of Indian life. This slows down the manufacturing process and means garments are produced in small batches. 


We work with small family run businesses. We have chosen our producers and karigars carefully to be sure their practises are in line with our brand value. Spending a lot of face-to-face time at the workplace ensures insight on how they operate. This kind of relationship has allowed us transparency with our makers and their practises. We aim to provide the same to our clients, transparency in our operations.